Control Surface for SpotifyRedesigningA simple, easy-to-use utility that lets users control their Spotify playback without opening Spotify itself.
ReactorCompletedAutomatically add reactions to specific users' messages
Grade CalculatorsCompletedThe grade calculators are simple tools to calculate what you need to get on a final in order to get a particular grade or to see what your grade will look like after you've taken the final.
NotetapCompletedA simple web-based journal app. Write entries in Markdown and store them in the cloud.
SupportDocsCompletedGenerate help centers for your iOS apps, with Markdown! All you need to do is write your documents on GitHub, and install the library in your app. SupportDocs' custom GitHub Action and GitHub Pages will take care of the rest.
Control Surface for SmartThingsIn ProgressA macOS SmartThings controller
QuickOCRIn ProgressDrag-and-drop to find text. Powered by Apple's Vision framework.
Ramadan TrackerIn ProgressAn Android app to help track your progress throughout Ramadan
SmartThings API (Swift)In ProgressAn Swift SmartThings API library
Xenon ReaderIn ProgressA new EPUB reader for macOS, built with the latest technologies